Packing To Move House: Where To Start?

Moving to a new house sounds pretty exciting until you think about all the stuff you will have to pack. Packing to move house of your belongings and moving to a new house is the most laborious task that can literally give you panic attacks. However, a little management and planning can go a far way.

Yes, if you will be a little more organized you might be able to do this difficult task in an efficient and easy way. This blog consists of all that you need to know when you need to move to a new house.

Packing To Move House

A Step By Step Guide To Begin Packing To Move House

Start Packing In Advance

If you will start packing to move house in advance you will not be overwhelmed afterward. Therefore, it is also advised to start packing at least 2 months before having to move especially if you have a big house. This will not put a hole load on you. 

Pack The Items That You Do Not Often Use

You must start packing all the items that you do not use so that you do not have any requirement of these items for the next two months. Seasonal things like Christmas lights, garden tools, winter clothes, etc, can be the first ones to get in the box. Moreover, start packing the rooms that you do not use like guest rooms. 

Have Unnecessary Things? Donate Them!

When you will start packing, you will find many items that are of no use. They will just make your packing even more tiresome. This is why to make your task easier, you can hold a garage sale to donate or even sell all the unnecessary items.

Organize Your Boxes By Making An Inventory List

Naming the boxes that you pack will make it easier for you when you will finally unpack all the stuff. So, it is suggested to make an inventory list. Then you can print the list and stick it on the boxes according to the category of items you are packing in a particular box. 

First Pack Your Rooms

Whether to pack according to categories or according to rooms. This has always been confusing. Our suggestion is that you should pack one room at a time. Divide the belongings of that room according to the categories. This is a more organized manner. As well as this will let you tell the movers which box belongs to which room. 

You Can Use Plastic Bags For Items That Can Spill

All the liquid items and spillable items can be put in plastic bags to make sure that they do not get damaged in the whole moving process. Moreover, keep these items in a plastic box so that even if one of the items spills it won’t be able to damage the box. 

Pack Your Clothes By Rolling Them

If you will ask travelers the most convenient way to pack your clothes. They will always tell you that rolling your clothes is the best way to pack them. Rolling the clothes will not get any wrinkles on them, it is less work, as well as you will get more space. So, always roll your clothes.

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