Bond Cleaning Checklist Before Moving House

If you are moving out of your new house then you need to follow some guidelines before leaving the home. According to your rental agreement, you need to clean your house properly before you leave the place. It is very important to leave your house in at least good and acceptable condition. “Moving House Service” As per your rental bond, you need to do all the formalities to get back your security deposit as well. You can also hire professional cleaners to manage your house cleaning process. They will make things so much easier for you as these cleaners know how to handle everything. 

Bond Cleaning Checklist Before Moving House

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Bond Cleaning Checklist To Consider

  1. Take all the personal belongings – You need to take all the personal stuff with you before leaving the property completely. It includes almost everything from furniture to every other thing that belongs to you and your family. Your landlord will not be responsible for anything if you leave your house once and hand over the keys.
  2. Properly vacuum the floors – It is also important to vacuum all the floors properly. You need to clean all the dust and dirt present on the floors of your house moving before leaving the house. You need to clean each and every corner of the property to make it look beautiful.
  3. Clean all the surfaces – Before leaving you also need to wipe all the surfaces in the house. Wiping will help in removing all the settled dust very easily. You can wipe using a towel and tissue paper. Also, do not forget to wipe the kitchen area properly.
  4. Clean the toilets properly – It is very essential to clean all the toilets properly. At first, you need to vacuum all the dust and dirt and after that, you have to take a piece of cloth to clean the toilets. Toilets and showers need to be scrubbed properly for cleaning.
  5. Clean the appliances – You need to clean the appliances as well. When you use all these appliances on a regular basis then they get your fingerprints as well as the dirt very easily. These main appliances are a refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, and many more.
  6. Remove nails from the walls – When you move out it is important to hand over the house in good condition. Sometimes you put some nails on the walls to hang a painting or anything but you need to take all those nails out before leaving the home.
  7. Clean the carpet properly – If you are using their carpet then it is also important to clean it. Carpet cleaning will remove all the dust and dirt very easily from the carpet. It will also keep the germs and bacteria away from the house.
  8. You need to mop the floors – You also need to mop the floors properly to clean all the dirt and dust from your home. Moping is not an easy thing to do but it is necessary. It will give the house a fresh and beautiful look. 
Moving House Service
Moving House Service

Appoint Our Expert Cleaning Team

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